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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PollRunner?

PollRunner is a mobile app that lets you create, serve and monitor polls from your iPhone or iPad.

How does PollRunner work?

Create a poll and serve it instantly with a single tap. Share the vote link by email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook or by projecting it onto an external screen. Monitor the results in real-time as respondents submit their votes.

Do poll participants need the PollRunner app to submit their votes?

No, voters do not need the PollRunner app to participate in a poll. Once they have the unique web-link for a poll, participants can submit their votes through any web browser on any connected device.

What type of questions does PollRunner support?

PollRunner lets you create multiple choice (pick one answer), multiple select (pick multiple answers), ranking (reorder answers), freeform text & star-rating questions.

Can I combine multiple questions into a single poll?

Yes, a poll can contain multiple questions of different types. Respondents will be presented with the questions sequentially, one question at a time.

What can I use PollRunner for?

PollRunner is ideal for serving quick, ad-hoc polls to gather opinions and support decision making. Use PollRunner for voting during meetings, interacting with live audiences, canvassing your extended network, gathering customer feedback and running pop-quizzes in the classroom.

What devices can I use PollRunner on?

PollRunner is an universal iOS app that is designed for both iPhones & iPads running iOS version 7.0 or later. The PollRunner Android app is in the works and will be released soon.

How much does PollRunner cost?

PollRunner can be downloaded for free from the Apple AppStore. The basic app lets you receive up to 20 responses for any poll. Upgrading to PollRunner PLUS ($4.99 for 1-month or $49.99 for 1-year) lets you receive up to 100 responses per poll. PollRunner PREMIUM ($19.99 for 1-month or $199.99 for 1-year) gives you unlimited responses for all polls. You may also remove the 20-response limit for any single poll for $4.99. All prices are in US Dollars and will be automatically converted to your local currency when you upgrade.

How do I upgrade to PollRunner PLUS or PREMIUM?

You can upgrade through an in-app purchase within the PollRunner app.

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